Profile – Emel Shaikh

Emel Shaikh

Account Director

Emel Shaikh is an Account Director at JS2 PR, where she is responsible for developing and facilitating her clients’ media relations strategies. Emel has experience managing publicity campaigns for a non-profit arts organization, brands, film, TV and tech companies and has built relationships with journalists and influencers covering entertainment, lifestyle and culture.

Prior to joining JS2 PR, Emel was the Media Relations Manager at Sundance Institute, where she spent four years overseeing publicity efforts for the Institute’s artist support programs, including the annual Sundance Film Festival. She led the charge on launching and building awareness for Sundance NEXT FEST, a weekend-long film and music festival in Los Angeles, to reach a new demographic and introduce tastemakers to the Sundance brand. Prior to Sundance Institute, Emel spent time at MPRM Communications, working on projects in film, TV and events. Her role at JS2 PR allows her to bring together her many years of experience devising and implementing PR strategies with her love for good-old-fashioned delicious food and her obnoxious sweet tooth.

Emel holds a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Fullerton. For fun, Emel likes to bake and is fairly unabashed about using treats to weasel her way into people’s hearts. She is a voracious reader and writer, and is semi-obsessed with her dog, Dobby. She is also a fan of Hanson, and usually this is enough fodder for folks to make fun of her.

Last Meal:

A cheese board, lightly salted shoestring French fries, a can of Lime LaCroix and a jar of Magnolia Bakery’s chocolate buttercream (Hold the cupcake. JUST the buttercream).