Profile – Hillary Hogard

Hillary Hogard

Digital Strategist

Like any true millennial, Hillary is always connected to her phone.  Some might say to a fault. She loves staying in tune with all trends in the ever-changing social media world. When you combine her love for food and social, you find the perfect fit as a JS2 PR Digital Strategist.  At the firm, Hillary is responsible for all things social media, with her iPhone in one hand and her camera in the other. She works on developing and implementing social media strategies for clients. Through her deep and personal relationships with local and national social influencers, she is also able to execute successful influencer events and campaigns for clients.

Hillary holds a B.A. in Information, Communication and Technology from Florida State University. While being a native Floridian, Hillary prides herself on always learning and traveling around the city of angels. Much of this research involves eating and drinking everything under the So Cal sun.

When she’s not busy searching for her next trendy cup of coffee that photographs juuust right, you can find Hillary at the beach, reading, or on a hike with her closest friends. The move to Los Angeles has also sparked her interest in all things regarding health and she is on the quest to constantly be living her best life!

Hillary’s Last Meal

A smoked salmon breakfast pizza from Rose’s Café in San Francisco, with an assortment of house-baked goods washed down with a latte so big you need two hands!