Profile – Lexie Barrow

Lexie Barrow

Digital Coordinator

Born and raised by three generations of amazing cooks, Lexie has always been taught to love food and the cultures behind them. She’s a great eater, but unfortunately, the cooking gene skipped her generation. In spite of her cooking skills (or lack thereof), she can always be found in the kitchen with the title of Designated Taster!

She graduated from UC Davis with a dual Bachelor’s degree in English and Communication. From dance to theatre, Lexie has always shared a love for the arts. Her passion for creative expression blossomed as she began interning at JS2, where she found a new love for the art of food. Stepping into her role as Digital Coordinator, she’s excited to explore this new form of art while helping clients make their visions come to life through the power of social media.

As a Los Angeles native, Lexie has always been surrounded by a diverse food scene. In college, she studied abroad in Madrid, where she was fortunate enough to travel all over Europe, exposing herself to different foods and cultures. After college, she made the decision to move back to the city of angels. She started a blog to document her food adventures and made it her personal mission to find the best fried chicken sandwich in Los Angeles. When she’s not eating, she’s binging the newest TV series, re-watching her favorite 80’s movies (#1 Breakfast Club fan), or dancing the night away at the next concert.

Last Meal

A spread of warm French bread, brie, honey, red grapes and a bottle of Pinot Noir, filet mignon and half Maine lobster tail from Red O, and, to feed her massive sweet tooth, a pint of salty caramel gelato flown in from her favorite place in Italy, Venchi Chocolato e Gelato, and a homemade fudge brownie topped with warm fudge (gluttony at its finest)