Profile – Sema’Jay Hall

Sema’Jay Hall

Digital Account Coordinator

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sema’Jay recently returned to sunny LA after finishing college at San Francisco State University. Majoring in Creative Writing and professionally acting as a child, Sema’Jay has always put his imagination into action through writing and anything creative.

Throughout college, Sema’Jay proved his passion for writing and communication through various personal and intern projects. He published multiple articles and works of poetry; he also showcased his talents behind the camera through modest photography and videography.

After returning to LA, Sema’Jay gained further experience in a medical office space providing administrative and social media support . Thanks to the transformative social skills he acquired, Sema’Jay quickly discovered his passion.  With a chef in the family and an aspiration to travel, Sema’Jay rekindled his love to combine the two.

As a Digital Account Coordinator at JS2 PR, he is eager to bring all of his worlds together by creating content beyond satisfying his clients and impressing the world’s people.

Sema’Jay’s Last Meal

Beer-battered Fried Chicken Sandwich from Ashland Hill and the Ashland Kale Cobb (perfection!)